I Want To Be Your Mayor! Vote YES on Home Rule!

For 25 years I have dedicated the better part of my personal time and energy towards the betterment of the Bisbee community.

I believe that the learned lessons I have learned and the personal relationships I have cultivated over the years while living in Bisbee can be utilized to culminate the dreams of our citizens into a productive campaign to BRING BUSINESS BACK to Bisbee. All small towns go through economic cycles and seasons, and I truly believe that there is a renaissance time approaching for Bisbee, but it requires a focused determination to bring it to full fruition.

I am running my candidacy for Mayor simply about getting the job done right the first time by implementing concrete and proven Solutions while not engaging in power politics or exclusion, but instead working together for the common goals and good of all in the community.

My candidacy for mayor has the central focus and belief that Bisbee is poised for a renaissance in which the public - private -partnerships (the three p's) so necessary for Cities to progress can become our reality. Bringing business back is a fundamental shift of perception reducing taxation as a revenue source and focusing political will and civic practices on the execution of small and large projects that deliver revenue and capital investment to our town from a variety of sources. It takes leadership and creativity at the top of government to change direction and embrace a new story of smart growth for Bisbee.